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miasm2.arch.arm.regs Namespace Reference


list regs32_str = ["R%d" % i for i in xrange(13)]
list regs32_expr = [ExprId(x, 32) for x in regs32_str]
tuple exception_flags = ExprId('exception_flags', 32)
list R0 = regs32_expr[0]
list R1 = regs32_expr[1]
list R2 = regs32_expr[2]
list R3 = regs32_expr[3]
list R4 = regs32_expr[4]
list R5 = regs32_expr[5]
list R6 = regs32_expr[6]
list R7 = regs32_expr[7]
list R8 = regs32_expr[8]
list R9 = regs32_expr[9]
list R10 = regs32_expr[10]
list R11 = regs32_expr[11]
list R12 = regs32_expr[12]
list SP = regs32_expr[13]
list LR = regs32_expr[14]
list PC = regs32_expr[15]
tuple R0_init = ExprId("R0_init")
tuple R1_init = ExprId("R1_init")
tuple R2_init = ExprId("R2_init")
tuple R3_init = ExprId("R3_init")
tuple R4_init = ExprId("R4_init")
tuple R5_init = ExprId("R5_init")
tuple R6_init = ExprId("R6_init")
tuple R7_init = ExprId("R7_init")
tuple R8_init = ExprId("R8_init")
tuple R9_init = ExprId("R9_init")
tuple R10_init = ExprId("R10_init")
tuple R11_init = ExprId("R11_init")
tuple R12_init = ExprId("R12_init")
tuple SP_init = ExprId("SP_init")
tuple LR_init = ExprId("LR_init")
tuple PC_init = ExprId("PC_init")
string reg_zf = 'zf'
string reg_nf = 'nf'
string reg_of = 'of'
string reg_cf = 'cf'
tuple zf = ExprId(reg_zf, size=1)
tuple nf = ExprId(reg_nf, size=1)
tuple of = ExprId(reg_of, size=1)
tuple cf = ExprId(reg_cf, size=1)
tuple zf_init = ExprId("zf_init", size=1)
tuple nf_init = ExprId("nf_init", size=1)
tuple of_init = ExprId("of_init", size=1)
tuple cf_init = ExprId("cf_init", size=1)
list all_regs_ids
 all_regs_ids_no_alias = all_regs_ids
tuple all_regs_ids_byname = dict([(x.name, x) for x in all_regs_ids])
list all_regs_ids_init
dictionary regs_init = {}
list regs_flt_expr = []

Variable Documentation

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.all_regs_ids
Initial value:
1 = [
2  R0, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R11, R12, SP, LR, PC,
3  zf, nf, of, cf,
4  exception_flags
5 ]

Definition at line 66 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.all_regs_ids_byname = dict([(x.name, x) for x in all_regs_ids])

Definition at line 74 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.all_regs_ids_init
Initial value:
1 = [R0_init, R1_init, R2_init, R3_init,
2  R4_init, R5_init, R6_init, R7_init,
3  R8_init, R9_init, R10_init, R11_init,
4  R12_init, SP_init, LR_init, PC_init,
5  zf_init, nf_init, of_init, cf_init,
6  ExprInt32(0)
7  ]

Definition at line 76 of file regs.py.

miasm2.arch.arm.regs.all_regs_ids_no_alias = all_regs_ids

Definition at line 72 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.cf = ExprId(reg_cf, size=1)

Definition at line 58 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.cf_init = ExprId("cf_init", size=1)

Definition at line 63 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.exception_flags = ExprId('exception_flags', 32)

Definition at line 12 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.LR = regs32_expr[14]

Definition at line 29 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.LR_init = ExprId("LR_init")

Definition at line 46 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.nf = ExprId(reg_nf, size=1)

Definition at line 56 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.nf_init = ExprId("nf_init", size=1)

Definition at line 61 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.of = ExprId(reg_of, size=1)

Definition at line 57 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.of_init = ExprId("of_init", size=1)

Definition at line 62 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.PC = regs32_expr[15]

Definition at line 30 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.PC_init = ExprId("PC_init")

Definition at line 47 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R0 = regs32_expr[0]

Definition at line 15 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R0_init = ExprId("R0_init")

Definition at line 32 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R1 = regs32_expr[1]

Definition at line 16 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R10 = regs32_expr[10]

Definition at line 25 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R10_init = ExprId("R10_init")

Definition at line 42 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R11 = regs32_expr[11]

Definition at line 26 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R11_init = ExprId("R11_init")

Definition at line 43 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R12 = regs32_expr[12]

Definition at line 27 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R12_init = ExprId("R12_init")

Definition at line 44 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R1_init = ExprId("R1_init")

Definition at line 33 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R2 = regs32_expr[2]

Definition at line 17 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R2_init = ExprId("R2_init")

Definition at line 34 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R3 = regs32_expr[3]

Definition at line 18 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R3_init = ExprId("R3_init")

Definition at line 35 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R4 = regs32_expr[4]

Definition at line 19 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R4_init = ExprId("R4_init")

Definition at line 36 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R5 = regs32_expr[5]

Definition at line 20 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R5_init = ExprId("R5_init")

Definition at line 37 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R6 = regs32_expr[6]

Definition at line 21 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R6_init = ExprId("R6_init")

Definition at line 38 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R7 = regs32_expr[7]

Definition at line 22 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R7_init = ExprId("R7_init")

Definition at line 39 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R8 = regs32_expr[8]

Definition at line 23 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R8_init = ExprId("R8_init")

Definition at line 40 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R9 = regs32_expr[9]

Definition at line 24 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.R9_init = ExprId("R9_init")

Definition at line 41 of file regs.py.

string miasm2.arch.arm.regs.reg_cf = 'cf'

Definition at line 53 of file regs.py.

string miasm2.arch.arm.regs.reg_nf = 'nf'

Definition at line 51 of file regs.py.

string miasm2.arch.arm.regs.reg_of = 'of'

Definition at line 52 of file regs.py.

string miasm2.arch.arm.regs.reg_zf = 'zf'

Definition at line 50 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.regs32_expr = [ExprId(x, 32) for x in regs32_str]

Definition at line 10 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.regs32_str = ["R%d" % i for i in xrange(13)]

Definition at line 9 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.regs_flt_expr = []

Definition at line 88 of file regs.py.

dictionary miasm2.arch.arm.regs.regs_init = {}

Definition at line 84 of file regs.py.

list miasm2.arch.arm.regs.SP = regs32_expr[13]

Definition at line 28 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.SP_init = ExprId("SP_init")

Definition at line 45 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.zf = ExprId(reg_zf, size=1)

Definition at line 55 of file regs.py.

tuple miasm2.arch.arm.regs.zf_init = ExprId("zf_init", size=1)

Definition at line 60 of file regs.py.