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miasm2.core.cpu.m_reg Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def parser
def decode
def encode
def fromstring

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 prio = default_prio

Detailed Description

Definition at line 617 of file cpu.py.

Member Function Documentation

def miasm2.core.cpu.m_reg.decode (   self,

Definition at line 624 of file cpu.py.

625  def decode(self, v):
626  self.expr = self.reg.expr[0]
627  return True
def miasm2.core.cpu.m_reg.encode (   self)

Definition at line 628 of file cpu.py.

629  def encode(self):
630  return self.expr == self.reg.expr[0]
def miasm2.core.cpu.m_arg.fromstring (   self,
  parser_result = None 

Definition at line 604 of file cpu.py.

605  def fromstring(self, s, parser_result=None):
606  if parser_result:
607  e, start, stop = parser_result[self.parser]
608  self.expr = e
609  return start, stop
610  try:
611  v, start, stop = self.parser.scanString(s).next()
612  except StopIteration:
613  return None, None
614  self.expr = v[0]
615  return start, stop

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def miasm2.core.cpu.m_reg.parser (   self)

Definition at line 621 of file cpu.py.

622  def parser(self):
623  return self.reg.parser

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Member Data Documentation


Definition at line 625 of file cpu.py.

miasm2.core.cpu.m_reg.prio = default_prio

Definition at line 618 of file cpu.py.

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