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regs.py File Reference

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tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.exception_flags = ExprId('exception_flags', 32)
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.gpregs32_str = ["W%d" % i for i in xrange(0x1f)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.gpregs64_str = ["X%d" % i for i in xrange(0x1E)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.gpregsz32_str = ["W%d" % i for i in xrange(0x1f)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.gpregsz64_str = ["X%d" % i for i in xrange(0x1e)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.cr_str = ["c%d" % i for i in xrange(0xf)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.simd08_str = ["B%d" % i for i in xrange(0x20)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.simd16_str = ["H%d" % i for i in xrange(0x20)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.simd32_str = ["S%d" % i for i in xrange(0x20)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.simd64_str = ["D%d" % i for i in xrange(0x20)]
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.simd128_str = ["Q%d" % i for i in xrange(0x20)]
string miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.reg_zf = 'zf'
string miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.reg_nf = 'nf'
string miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.reg_of = 'of'
string miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.reg_cf = 'cf'
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.zf = ExprId(reg_zf, size=1)
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.nf = ExprId(reg_nf, size=1)
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.of = ExprId(reg_of, size=1)
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.cf = ExprId(reg_cf, size=1)
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.zf_init = ExprId("zf_init", size=1)
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.nf_init = ExprId("nf_init", size=1)
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.of_init = ExprId("of_init", size=1)
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.cf_init = ExprId("cf_init", size=1)
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.all_regs_ids
 miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.all_regs_ids_no_alias = all_regs_ids
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.all_regs_ids_byname = dict([(x.name, x) for x in all_regs_ids])
tuple miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.all_regs_ids_init
dictionary miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.regs_init = {}
list miasm2.arch.aarch64.regs.regs_flt_expr = []